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Fralock manufacturers custom flexible circuits and heaters

Fralock (USA, ISO) is a design, engineering and manufacturing company of specialty components and sub-assemblies for Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Equipment manufacturers.  We have built our reputation by developing high performance solutions for high value problems specifically focused upon maintaining Thermal Uniformity.  In chamber applications include: Multi-Zone Heaters, Electro-Static Chucks, Plasma Resistant Shims, Shower Head Gaskets, Thermal Interface Materials, and Edge Ring Sub-Assemblies.  Fralock’s unique manufacturing capabilities includes our All-Polyimide Adhesiveless Lamination technology.  Fralock offers comprehensive product development and product realization services by leveraging extensive materials and process knowledge gained over the last 50 years.  Through early engagement during product development we are able to improve the performance, reliability and durability of our customer’s processes and products thereby extending their competitive advantage. 


  • All Polyimide Flexible Heaters
    Semiconductor All-Polyimide Adhesiveless Heaters...

  • Fralock’s Semiconductor All-Polyimide heaters, Adhesiveless Heater Technologies, are unsurpassed in the industry.  Instead of the thick film ceramic or rigid cartridge / tube resistance heaters, Fralock’s Semiconductor All-Polyimide heaters allow for many, independently controlled, zones of heater traces across the entire wafer surface. Independently controlled zones allow for unparalleled thermal consistency across the surface, maximizing the output of each wafer in production. Better thermal control allows fewer surface defects on the wafer, therefore yielding greater wafer throughput.

    Multi-zone heaters that use adhesives to bond trace elements to its insulation material render them fragile, vulnerable to high heat, and prone to gas pockets that may lead to cracking, further delamination, and failure. Designs manufactured with commonly used adhesives such as PTFE may also be prone to failure due to circuit “swimming” with traces moving too close to each other at high temperatures and creating a short circuit or “hot spot”. By contrast, our All-Polyimide Heaters can be folded, wrapped, or even crumpled without affecting performance. Fralock’s Adhesiveless Laminate Technology multi-zone heaters are more efficient, thinner, lighter, and far more durable than any comparable product on the market and offer many options, including thermal barriers, and thermal conductive layers within our All-Polyimide assemblies.  They can also tolerate temperatures from -269 to 220 degrees Celsius (-452 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit).

    We offer many options, including thermal barriers and thermal conductive layers within our All Polyimide assemblies.   This adds up to better thermal transfer and more control over the entire assembly. Operating capability from -269°C to + 220°C gives you more latitude in all your processes. (Higher temperatures are possible depending on application)  All this without the use of any adhesive of any type.


  • One of the core semiconductor devices is the Electro-Static Chucks (E-Chucks). It has been widely used in plasma-based and vacuum-based semiconductor processing. The electrostatic chuck plays an important role in adsorbing and cooling/heating wafers, and has technical advantages on non-edge exclusion, high reliability, wafer planarity, and particles reduction.

    Fralock’s ALT is used to manufacture replaceable and reusable E-Chucks with accurate thermal controls that can increase processing rates in microfabrication processes and improve yields. Fralock’s ALT circuitry provides the highest level of thermal performance in wafer processing applications accommodating multiple zones and layers. Fralock has integration capabilities that are compatible with various metal and ceramic substrates depending on the specific application, including the addition of plasma-resistant substrates to reduce erosion rates during processing. Our technology allows the creation of very thin substrates (< 0.008”) which are bonded directly to the surface of Aluminum platens without the use of adhesives. E-chucks can be replaced and refurbished to extend the life of the platen, providing a cost-effective, yet technologically driven solution.

    Fralock’s layered heaters provide the precision and flexibility needed to ensure the highest level of thermal performance in wafer processing applications.

    They are designed with distributed power circuitry and can accommodate multiple zones and multiple layers. Fralock has a wide range of integration capabilities that are compatible with various metal and ceramic substrates depending on the application needs.

    For complete technical information on Electro-Static Chucks (E-Chucks), contact Fralock today. Request a quote online or Call us at 1-800-FRALOCK (372-5625)
    Cirlex Semiconductor Sealing offer precision sealing performance....

  • Like many sealing applications, contamination is the enemy of precision sealing performance.  In typical industrial sealing applications, contamination is measured in millimeters, in the semiconductor industry it is measured in microns.

    Cirlex® is the perfect material for precision sealing applications under extreme chemical, temperature, and pressure applications.   It is available in 0.001” increments in thickness, is a dead-flat material, and has excellent compression resistance. Cirlex® exhibits almost no mechanical deformation between cryogenic (-269°C) and extreme heat (220°C).  And as a polyimide, it will not melt or stick to silica/aluminum wafers.

    This pursuit of environmental purity causes unique semiconductor sealing challenges.  The semiconductor manufacturing process is extremely aggressive and seals are invariably housed in areas of the processing system where they need to withstand highly corrosive liquids, gases and plasmas often at elevated temperatures or in vacuum conditions.

    Fralock is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance precision sealing options and we work together with you, our customer, to establish the optimum seal material and design to maximize the performance of your semiconductor manufacturing equipment.  Traditional elastomers don’t stand a chance in these environments.

    To meet these challenges materials such as Cirlex® provide exceptional performance. This custom composite will perform where other traditional materials fail, and extend planned maintenance schedules that maximize equipment up-time and increase total cost of ownership.

    Consult Fralock engineers on your OEM or aftermarket semiconductor sealing application.

    ***CIRLEX® is a registered trademark of DUPONT used under license by FRALOCK.

    For additional information about us or to begin discussions on your project call 1-800-FRALOCK (372-5625)  or Request a quote online.

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Fralock (USA, ISO) is a design, engineering and manufacturing company of specialty components and sub-assemblies for Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Equipment manufacturers

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