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GEMÜ looks forward to partner with you to provide solutions.

GEMÜ’s many years of experience in the different areas of semiconductor production and its core skills in handling critical media enable us to offer a product range tailored to the specific requirements of the semiconductor industry.  With customized solutions and an extensive system offering, innovative solutions to specific problems can be developed together with the customer.

As semiconductor products become more complex, so do the processes and the requirements for the process plants.  Different media(s) are required for each of the many processing steps.  From supply level in a semiconductor factory to the mixing and distribution level to the cleanroom process equipment – GEMÜ components and system solutions for control and regulation of process media are used in many different areas.

 Press Releases

  • The Ingelfingen-based specialist in valves has been awarded the title of "Global Market Leader" for yet another year, earning the distinction for 2018 as part of the global market leader index of the University of St. Gallen and the Academy of German Global Market Leaders.

    For the third time in succession, the German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche has awarded the family-owned enterprise GEMÜ Gebrüder Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG the WirtschaftsWoche quality seal of "Global Market Leader", declaring them "champions" of 2018. In doing so, WirtschaftsWoche has recognised GEMÜ's inclusion in the global market leader index in the segment "Valves and automation components: Valves, Process and Control systems for sterile applications".

    The global market leader index is compiled under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr Christoph Müller of the HBM Unternehmerschule (school for entrepreneurs) at the University of St. Gallen, in cooperation with the Academy of German Global Market Leaders (ADWM). In doing so, objective selection criteria and transparent selection processes are developed to determine the actual global market leaders. The information acquired is then scientifically evaluated and the results are published in a condensed form.

    The researchers designate companies as "Global Market Leader Champions" where they are – among other criteria – represented on at least three continents with their own production and/or sales companies, have an annual turnover of at least €50 million, are first or second in the relevant market segment, and can demonstrate an export share or foreign share of at least 50% of their turnover. Another important criterion for a company to obtain the accolade of "Global Market Leader Champion" is to be (owner-)managed with headquarters in the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria or Switzerland).

    As a family-owned, owner-managed business headquartered in Ingelfingen-Criesbach (in the German state of Baden-Württemberg), with 27 subsidiaries as well as six manufacturing sites in Germany, Switzerland, China, Brazil, France and the USA, GEMÜ fully satisfies these requirements. In addition to these prerequisites, it was the cutting-edge technology and market leadership in the field of valves, process and control systems for sterile applications that served as a crucial factor for WirtschaftsWoche in awarding the accolade and WirtschaftsWoche quality seal of "Global Market Leader 2018 – Champions" to GEMÜ.

     "We are proud to be represented as a global market leader in the current index and for the third year in a row. This award from WirtschaftsWoche has shown and confirmed to us that it is truly worth focusing on customer requirements, product quality and the continuous further development of our product range," says Gert Müller, Managing Partner at GEMÜ. "As it is based on scientific methods," he adds,"this award serves as confirmation of GEMÜ's worldwide success and its dominance of the technological market."

  • Faulty O-rings can cause direct and indirect consequential costs through machine downtimes, recalls or environmental damage. In the presence of chemicals and additives as well as of elevated temperatures, these elastomer seals reach their limits of wear soon. Therefore, GEMÜ has developed an innovative sealing method without O-ring for its iComLine product range. Two contours synchronized with each other fit with precision and thus ensure lasting, reliable sealing. The developed sealing principle without O-rings thus not only saves the additional cost for the elastomer seals but also increases the service life of the modular valve solutions considerably. The new sealing method makes almost deadleg-free sealing possible. In addition, the optimized installation of accessory parts and additional connections to the various multi-port valve blocks support the modular and consequently flexible construction of the multi-functional iComLine block solutions.

    Depending on the requirements, stainless-steel screws or a thread directly machined into the GEMÜ PC50 multi-port valve block ensure the joint and compression of the two seal contours. The innovative joining principle is available for all GEMÜ PC50 iComLine multi-port valve blocks made of PTFE material. It is qualified for an operating pressure up to 6 bar and can be used at media temperatures from -10 to +150 °C.

    The GEMÜ PC50 iComLine block solutions with O-ring-free sealing are available now in nominal sizes 3/8“ and 1/2“. Further nominal sizes can be qualified on request and provided in a customised manner.

  • Thanks to making consistent improvements to processes and investments in state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, valve specialist GEMÜ can offer its customers plastic diaphragm valves with a significantly higher pressure-temperature rating.

    Numerous applications in the semiconductor, foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries benefit from plastic diaphragm valves with a high pressure-temperature rating. They ensure safe operation not only at high temperatures but also under high pressures. The diaphragm valves in the GEMÜ 677HP PurePlus series exhibit improved properties with regard to the relationship between pressure and temperature. This makes them perfect for treating and distributing high-temperature ultra-pure water (hot deionized water) and means that they play a direct role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of users' production processes.

    Users working in the semiconductor industry need a downstream cleaning process with ultra-pure water in the wet process section in order to remove the caustic agent. To minimize cleaning times, they use high-temperature ultra-pure water (between 60 °C and 90 °C). However, the chemically aggressive properties of high-temperature ultra-pure water pose a challenge for the process valves. All the valves that come into contact with high-temperature ultra-pure water must be able to guarantee resistant and low-maintenance sealing at elevated and varying temperatures. This is made possible by the reliable valve seat seal used in the diaphragm valves in the GEMÜ 677HP PurePlus series, which is capable of withstanding high loads. The integrated sealing contour in the chemically resistant valve bodies made of Solef PVDF, combined with the precision-fit GEMÜ PTFE diaphragm, makes the diaphragm valve suitable for this demanding application. The results of extensive qualification and fields tests – as well as feedback from long-standing customers – have gone into optimizing the valve seat seal. This means that the GEMÜ 677HP PurePlus valve can be reliably employed in an ultra-pure water treatment system even at media temperatures of between 60 °C and 80 °C, and at an operating pressure of 5.9 to 7.9 bar (depending on the media temperature).

    The valve body of the GEMÜ 677HP PurePlus is available both in a 2/2-way version and in a T-body configuration with a nominal size of DN 15 to DN 100. A lockable, low-maintenance bonnet ensures operational safety, and can be delivered with an integrated electrical position indicator upon request.


  • GEMÜ CleanStar®
    GEMÜ CleanStar® C60 (Air Operated) & C67 (Manual) products are used for chemical handling in the following applications: Etching & coating processes, Chemical purification, Manufacture/filling of chemicals, Chemicals for water/waste water treatment. ...

  • GEMÜ CleanStar® C60 (Air Operated) and C67 (Manual) products are used for chemical handling in the following applications:

    • Etching and coating processes

    • Chemical purification

    • Manufacture and filling of chemicals

    • Chemicals for water and waste water treatment

    The purity of the process media used in many high-tech areas is increasingly decisive for the quality and quantity of the products. The GEMÜ C60 and C67 product range of use is broad and includes sectors such as optics, aeronautics and astronautics or medicine via the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and gene technology.  Additionally, this product’s range of use covers precision mechanics and micromechanics, electronics and microelectronics or semiconductor production (including flat screen technology), photovoltaic systems and light emitting diodes. Numerous plant designers and end users select GEMÜ products when equipping their devices and production plants for media control and regulation, as well as process equipment for cleaning, coating, etching, and filling. GEMÜ offers an extensive range of products which are suitable for these applications due to their high resistance and uncompromising purity.

    GEMÜ’s High-Flow valve body (weir design) provides:

    • Significantly improved flow rate due to flow-efficient seat contour

    • Low pressure loss resulting in cost savings

    • Low-impact media handling due to gentle flow lines

    • Longlife seat contour

    • Up to 100 % Kv/Cv value increase *(depending on nominal size/connection)

    • Same outer dimensions and connection to actuator as standard body

  • Multi-port Valve Block Solutions
    GEMÜ offers customers multi-port valve block solutions made of high performance thermoplastic materials such as PTFE or PVDF....

  • GEMÜ offers customers multi-port valve block solutions made of high performance thermoplastic materials such as PTFE or PVDF for wet processes in the semiconductor industry and solar cell production industry that include controlling cleaning media and chemicals.

    Thanks to the custom design applied to each multi-port valve block, a variety of functions are united in the smallest of spaces. These functions include:






    Multi-port valves can also fulfill safety functions, double shut-off (double block and bleed), cross connections and control functions. These functions can serve very specific purposes in a variety of installations such as the taking of samples, the distribution of chemicals, the distribution of cleaning media and ensuring a minimum flow rate. There are also numerous more complex functions in connection with process automation. Pressure or temperature sensors can be integrated for example. Intelligently designed, multi-port valve blocks can be developed into compact system components with a high degree of functionality.

    Lightweight, compact, quick to install and multipurpose – these requirements are becoming increasingly important for system components. Complex control of liquid is generally carried out by multiple individual valves. The individual valves are connected to one another by a similar number of fittings and piping . This requires a large amount of space and assembly is time-consuming because of the higher number of individual parts. Every assembly point and pipe connection has the potential for leaks, which increases the safety risk. GEMÜ compact plastic multi-port valve blocks are the ideal components to reduce these safety risks. The multi-port valve blocks are manufactured from a single block of material and can be designed to perform multiple functions as lightweight and compact units that save space.

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