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Neutronics oxygen analyzers and ambient gas monitors are designed to provide reliable process control and hazardous area monitoring to help you maintain a safe working environment at your plant.  With sensor capabilities that range from percent to parts per billion, our products will give you the information that you need to maintain high quality standards and keep operations running smoothly.

 Press Releases

  • Compact DIN rail mounted analyzer with Ethernet digital communication

    Exton, PA, July 1, 2019 – Neutronics Inc. today announced the release of the new Model DTX832-He analyzer designed for helium in air measurement. 

    With an Ethernet digital communication interface along with 4-20 mA output, this analyzer combines ease of use with simple installation, configuration, and integration into DCS and PLC control systems.  Used with a well-proven thermal sensor technology that combines the sensor element, signal processing and digital calibration on one small chip, this helium analyzer is an ideal choice for demanding and cost sensitive process monitoring and control applications.

    The DTX832-He analyzer features the Model TC100 thermal conductivity sensor element installed in a compact stainless steel housing designed for remote mounting.  In addition to a response time of 100 milliseconds, this sensor provides excellent repeatability and long-term stability. 

    “The speed and accuracy of this sensor, especially at helium concentrations at 90% and above, will be very attractive for customers looking to monitor and verify the helium concentrations in their supply lines and test environments,” said David Halpern, general manager of Neutronics.  “We believe that this unit will significantly impact and improve quality control for our customers.”

    The DTX832-He has a built-in web server that simplifies setup and operation.  Along with the available 4-20 mA output, the transmitter features one digital interface – Ethernet (Modbus TCP).

    About Neutronics

    Neutronics Inc., A Bacharach Company, is a leader in gas measurement solutions for the semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial gases, and manufacturing industries.  Our technologies make reliable process and area monitoring possible, helping our customers ensure safe workplace environments, maintain high quality standards, and keep operations running smoothly.


    Bob Maza (sales/business development) 484-713-1642

    Bill Carlson (technical services) 484-713-1612


  • DTX832-He (helium analyzer)
    The Model DTX832-He is a DIN rail mounted analzyer for helium in air measurement. With an Ethernet digital communication interface along with 4 to 20 mA output, this analyzer combines ease of use with simple installation, configuration, and integration....

  • The DTX832-He analyzer features the Model TC100 thermal conductivity sensor.  The TC100 sensor uses a thermal conductivity gauge to measure the thermal conductivity of the gas stream and then compare it to the factory calibration measurement.  The analyzer is easy to install.  With a small footprint, it is designed for installation on a 35mm DIN rail mounting bracket for integration into a wide variety of equipment components.  In addition to the helium sensor, the unit includes a sensor interface cable with a right angle 6-pin connector and a power cable for connection to a 24V DC power supply.

    Along with the available 4 to 20 mA output, the analyzer is equipped with one digital interface – Ethernet.  The RJ45 connection port complies with IEEE Standard 802.3(u) with auto-negotiation implementation for a 10/100 Mbps link speed and full/half duplex data transmission mode.  Modbus TCP/IP protocol provides all measurement signals, alarms, and faults.

  • Model 3100 (oxygen analyzer)
    The Model 3100 analyzer features the Neutronics rapid response zirconia oxide sensor and a measurement range of 0.1 ppm to 100% oxygen. With its fast response and high accuracy, it delivers reliable performance for critical process control applications....

  • The robust design of the Neutronics zirconia oxide sensor gives this analyzer the ability to rapidly measure oxygen through large step changes in concentration and the ability to accurately measure ppm concentrations of oxygen within seconds after exposure to air.  When heated to an elevated temperature, the rapid-response zirconia oxide sensor produces a predictable electrical output in response to changes in the partial pressure of oxygen.  The sensor is a solid-state device that utilizes yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ), a zirconium-oxide based ceramic in which the crystal structure of the zirconium oxide is made stable at room temperature by the addition of yttrium oxide.  

    Critical to reliable performance and rapid response, the remote sensor module (RSM) includes a precision controlled sensor heater assembly designed to maintain the temperature of the sensor by continuously modulating the VAC electrical power input.  To meet strict heat loss requirements, the sensor heater housing utilizes high temperature microporous insulation, a low density material with an extremely low thermal conductivity.

    The expected service life for the Neutronics zirconia oxide sensor is greater than 5 years. 

  • EC-150 (lead-free oxygen sensor)
    The EC-150 is an intrinsically safe lead-free sensor designed for percent oxygen measurement and lower environmental impact. Extensive testing has proven it to be resistant to a wide range chemicals such as acetone, methanol, MEK, and toluene....

  • The EC-150 includes intrinsic safety and dust ignition-proof certifications (ATEX, CSA, IECEx, UL, and CE marking).  

    A self-powered, diffusion limited, galvanic type cell, it features RoHS compliant construction with a tin anode, fully CO2 and solvent resistant neutral electrolyte, and a precious metal cathode.  Power for the sensor output is provided by the internal primary cell, a lithium thionyl chloride battery.  

    This partial pressure type sensor measures the concentration of oxygen in gas through a homogenous PTFE membrane.  The rate of gas diffusion through the membrane is linearly proportional to the partial pressure of the oxygen across the membrane.  

    Since the gas must diffuse through the homogenous PTFE membrane, the rate of diffusion is dependent on the gas partial pressure and the diffusivity of the membrane.  By principle, the sensor has temperature dependence.  Warmer gas temperatures lead to faster electrochemical reactions.   For this reason, the EC-150 sensor includes an integrated temperature compensation circuit designed to enhance the stability of the current output.  

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