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Epoxy Technology Inc is a leading manufacturer of high performance specialty epoxy, UV & UV/Hybrid adhesives. Founded in 1966, EPO-TEK® products have been synonymous with high performance, reliability and innovation for over 50 years. 

EPO-TEK® adhesives are routinely specified by design engineers world-wide for critical assembly projects in a multitude of industries. Markets served include: military, automotive, aerospace, avionics, electronics, semiconductor, electro-optics, fiber optics, scientific/OEM, instrumentation, solar, telecommunications & medical.

Epoxy Technology is very proud of its recognized quality program, including comprehensive ISO 9001 and MIL STD 883/5011 certifications,  as well as RoHS Compliance and Green Partnerships.


  • EPO-TEK® Specialty Adhesives for Sensors
    Epoxy Technology Inc. has an extensive offering of specialty adhesives for Sensor Applications: from Electrically Conductive, to Thermally Conductive, to Optical Grade Adhesives, as well as UV Epoxy & UV Hybrid Adhesives. ...

  • Optical Applications - such as cameras, lasers, LEDs and photo-diodes, LiDAR and IR, where our optical, semiconductor die-attach, and UV curing products are used. EPO-TEK® products:  301-2, 353ND, H20E, EK1000, and OG198-54

    Ultrasonic Applications - such as in PZT fabrication and packaging, flex circuit assembly, electrical contacts and acoustic matching.  EPO-TEK® products: 301, 301-2FL, 310M-1, 353ND, EJ2189-LV and H20E

    MEMS and IC Packaging Applications - such as accelerometers, micro-actuators, gyros, and pressure sensors, where our EPO-TEK® products for semiconductor die-attach, wafer level spin coating, underfill, hermetic and hybrid microelectronics are used.  EPO-TEK® products: 360, H20S, 930-4, T6067-3, OJ2993-LH, and OD1001-67

    RF/Radar Applications - such as hermetic and semi-hermetic packaging, transmitters and antenna, advanced driver assistance, and RFID transponders, where our EPO-TEK® products are used in semiconductor die attach, electrically and thermally conductive applications, and UV curing glob top.  EPO-TEK® products:  353ND, H20S, H70E, H20E-PFC, OG116-31, OG142, OG553 and U300-2

    Biometric and Sensor Applications – such as wearable electronics for fitness and consumer health, fingerprint and retinal scanners, gesture and movement recognition and bio-tech remote monitoring.  EPO-TEK® products:  MED-301, MED-320, MED-353ND, MED-T7110, MED-H20E, and EJ2189-LV

  • Advances in Thermal Management
    The best way to improve Thermal Management in Microelectronics Design starts with a better understanding of Thermally Conductive Adhesives and Thermal Conductivity Measurement Methods....

  • Epoxy Technology has investigated the mechanism of thermal conductivity in electrically conductive adhesives.


    High power applications such as LED and GaN have pushed adhesive requirements to new levels. Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK) has formulated new high thermal conductivity epoxy adhesives to meet the more demanding needs of the market. To create these products, EPO-TEK has investigated the mechanism of thermal conductivity in silver filled electrically conductive epoxy adhesives.


    Our research showed most datasheet thermal conductivity data often did not reflect data obtained by customer's device testing. Datasheet bulk thermal conductivity data was often misleading because it did not reflect the customer's real experience for thermal resistance in their design.


    Come speak to our Epoxy Experts about our optimizing your Thermal Management with EPO-TEK® Thermally Conductive Adhesives.

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