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  • Contact: Jennifer Dossee Nunes Phone: 510-576-2253 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9 A.M. PST 10/26/2021 GEL-PAK SHOWCASES NEW PRODUCT PLATFORMS AT SEMICON WEST 2022 HAYWARD, CA OCTOBER 26, 2021:  Gel-Pak, a division of Delphon and worldwide leader in protective carriers for semiconductor, optoelectronic, and medical devices, will showcase its new Polyurethane Device Carrier, Texturized Film Device Carrier... Learn More

  • The company’s latest strategic acquisition adds world-class flex circuit boards to its suite of products Fralock Holdings, LLC Valencia, Calif., May 27, 2021 – Fralock Holdings, LLC, (“Fralock Holdings”) a leading developer and manufacturer of engineered materials solutions for critical applications, today announced the acquisition of Lenthor Engineering, Inc. (“Lenthor”), one of the... Learn More

  • Third strategic acquisition in 12 months expands Fralock Holdings’ solutions across critical industries Valencia, CA, March 9, 2021 – Fralock Holdings, LLC, (an Arsenal Capital Portfolio Company) a leading developer and manufacturer of engineered advanced materials solutions for critical applications, today announced the acquisition of Oasis Materials, a global leader in rapid temperature... Learn More

  • May 4, 2021 The company’s latest strategic acquisition expands its customized ceramic solutions. Fralock Holdings, LLC Valencia, Calif., May 4, 2021 – Fralock Holdings, LLC, (an Arsenal Capital Portfolio Company) a leading developer and manufacturer of engineered solutions for critical applications, today announced the acquisition of Ceramic Tech Incorporated (CTI), an end-to-end ceramic solutions... Learn More

  • New Actuator with Integrated Servo Drive from Harmonic Drive Beverly, MA, October 21, 2021--- Harmonic Drive LLC, the leader in high precision motion control adds a new compact actuator with an integrated servo drive to its product portfolio. The RSA-8 with an integrated drive does not require a separate external... Learn More

  • Ultra-Lightweight Gear Units from Harmonic Drive LLC New gear units boast ultra-thin profile and extreme lightweight. Beverly, MA, October 21, 2021, -- Harmonic Drive LLC, a leader in high precision motion control announces new ultra-lightweight series gearheads. The five new models are 50% lighter than the standard versions.   This series features a... Learn More

  • MRSI Systems (Mycronic Group), a leading manufacturer of fully automated, high-precision, high-speed die bonding, and epoxy dispensing systems has been recognized as a 2021 Silver Honoree for the Laser Focus World Innovators Award in the Manufacturing Equipment for Photonic Components category. The MRSI-H-TO was recognized for an innovative design that resulted in marked... Learn More

  • Picosun Group has taken into use new facilities at its production laboratory in Kirkkonummi, Finland. The Picosun Innovation Lab will be used for the company’s own research and development projects, for demo purposes and most importantly for serving the company’s global semiconductor customers operating in the 300 mm market. The Innovation... Learn More

  • Picosun Group strengthens its position in the 300 mm semiconductor market with its new generation ALD tool PICOSUN® Sprinter. PICOSUN® Sprinter was first launched in December 2020 as a stand-alone module. Now also customer deliveries and installations of PICOSUN® Sprinter clusters have started. “A Sprinter cluster consist of two Sprinter modules and... Learn More

  • The global manufacturing industry has now met with the Industry 4.0 era. Hardinge machine solutions are integrated with smart technology and intelligent monitoring systems. This provides the perfect solution for high-end semiconductor, medical and aerospace industries. We focused on building special Multi-tasking CNC Grinders, CNC 5 axis Vertical Machining centers... Learn More

  • Hardinge Inc. is 130-year-old CNC Machine Tools Manufacturing company focused on the building Multi-tasking CNC Grinders, CNC super-precision lathes, CNC Vertical Machining Centers and Workholding products to machine components made from advanced ceramic materials including silicon carbide, silicon nitride, quartz, zirconia, mullite, alumina, ferrites, and also carbides, high alloy steels, aluminum, titanium, inconel, stainless steels used... Learn More

  • NEW REVOLUTIONARY SMART MANUFACTURING CONCEPTS DEVELOPED BY HARDINGE ; High resolution vision system Tool laser measuring technologies High-resolution probing and measurement systems  for automated machining Fully integrated 5-Axis control architecture  Multi-spindle technology on same machine platform.  Automatic tool change spindle (ATC)  Machine diagnostics and preventative maintenance The results of Hardinge Smart CNC Grinding Concept ; • Cycle time reductions of... Learn More

  • KSM, whose original entity name stood as an acrynmn for 'KOREA SEAL MASTER'- has grown eponentially over it's years in business. At it's core KSM is fundementally an engineering company- passionate about supplying innovative Sealing & Heating solutions to those spearheading the future of high-tech and all things wafer manufacturing.   Over the... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Sep 03, 2021, by Annealsys (#669)

    Annealsys is happy to join C2MI ecosystem as an industrial partner. Annealsys RTP furnaces are used by many companies and laboratories worldwide for the development and the production of MEMS and sensors. The pulse annealing capabilities of our RTP systems allow the development of new processes for annealing layers on top of thermally sensitive substrates.... Learn More

  • At Annealsys we are working to better support our customers during the Covid pandemic. The travel limitations pushed us to be more creative and to propose new solutions for the commission and training of our machines. We have developed an offer for remote support using videos and video communication so that... Learn More

  • At Annealsys we are working to improve the design, the quality and the safety of our Rapid Thermal Processing furnaces. Our production customers worldwide need to get the insurance that they will get safe and ergonomic machines. SEMI S2 is the most well-known standard in semiconductor manufacturing equipment for Environmental, Health, and Safety. It mainly... Learn More

  • NEW GAS DETECTOR “SEES” ONLY C4F6           A sophisticated new gas detector that warns of dangerous concentrations of C4F6 (hexafluorobutadiene) – a toxic/explosive gas widely used in semiconductor production – has been developed by Sensor Electronics/USA.             Exquisitely engineered, the compact detector sieves out all the other gases, seeing only C4F6 (Sifren).  And... Learn More

  • New Release of YXLON Cheetah and Cougar EVO On January 13, 2021, Yxlon presented the new release of the Cheetah and Cougar EVO microfocus X-ray families in three online events. Under the motto 'Innovation is key to Evolution - Evolution empowers you', the next step towards automation was demonstrated and new... Learn More

  • Large Semiconductor Chip Fabricator Reduces Environmental Impact, Maintains Productivity, and Saves Big on Operational Costs. Project Highlights: Client needed an abatement system with  over 100,000 SCFM (160,500 Nm3/hr) volume processing capacity and over 98% VOC removal efficiency Anguil compiled a system of a rotor concentrator wheel, custom-designed thermal oxidizer with a destruction efficiency... Learn More

  • The new issue of DRIVEN, the maxon magazine, awaits the reader with fascinating articles about agricultural robotics, drone technology, and cleanrooms. maxon is also releasing the new 2021/2022 product catalog, with over 560 pages of drive systems and new product information such as the EPOS4 Disk positioning controller. DRIVEN magazine for drive... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Aug 17, 2021, by maxon (#1554)

    maxon's EC-i 52 Power up brushless motor meets customer demands for industrial applications with higher torque. The new version of the EC-i 52 now achieves a torque of up to 1 Nm. This increase in performance is due to improved cooling, the ventilated version of the EC-i 52 Power up... Learn More

  • As the ATE industry tackles the new paradigms of 5G millimeter wave test, our 30 years of experience working closely with customers at these frequencies has highlighted the need for a holistic production test solution. The RI8607 Test Set is our newest instrument offering for the Cassini ATE system with 2-port source... Learn More

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