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Use Cassini ATE platform to solve your testing needs!

For over thirty years, Roos Instruments has been delivering the industry’s premier end-to-end production RF test solution. Our Cassini ATE platforms offer the highest-in-class RF performance for consumer and industrial-grade devices that demand exacting standards of precision. Designed with a completely modular architecture, Cassini marries versatility and capability in a system that scales vertically to meet performance benchmarks and horizontally to capture emerging markets. With the widest instrument coverage available, we offer application configurations ranging from high-power RFICs to mmWave automotive radar. Combined with intuitive test software, enterprise management tools, and the engineering expertise to bring it all together, with Roos Instruments you're ready tackle today’s test needs and the next generation of technology.

 Press Releases

  • June 14, 2021 Roos Instruments, Santa Clara, Calif

    Sub-6 GHz base station power amplifiers (PAs) use one of two competing technologies: Si LDMOS or GaN. As the frequency and power efficiency requirements for 5G push LDMOS technology to its limits, GaN is slated to surpass LDMOS as the dominant choice for future base station PAs. The higher power density, better operating efficiency, smaller size, faster switching speed and higher frequency coverage will make GaN the preferred PA technology for sub-6 GHz 5G.

    GaN’s capability and performance improvements bring new characterization and test requirements to ensure specification compliance and reliability. To meet these requirements, Roos Instruments has added the RI8589 High Power Supply/Pulser to its modular Cassini ATE platform. Designed for LDMOS and GaN testing, the RI8589 is an all-in-one solution for power device characterization. It provides multiple high voltage supplies from -60 to +180 V, a pulsed supply capable of delivering 1 kW with microsecond measurement capability and precision microamp current measurement. Other features of the RI8589 include dynamic on-resistance (Rdson) and pulse profile measurements, temperature characterization, switching between high voltage and high current measurements without re-cabling and built-in safety interlocks.

    The RI8589 High Power Supply/Pulser is an add-on test capability to the modular Cassini ATE platform, enabling users to customize ATE measurements to specific device needs, with the capability to adapt to future requirements. Combined with high-power microwave instruments and configurable device interfacing, Cassini ATE is an all-in-one solution for power device characterization and production test.

    Roos Instruments, Inc.
    Santa Clara, Calif.

  • "Demand for more and better data for test is driving a major standards effort, paving the way for one of most significant changes in data formats in years.

    There is good reason for this shift. Data from device testing is becoming a critical element in test program decisions regarding limits and flows. This is true for everything from automotive and medical components to complex, heterogeneous devices such as processors used in servers or smart phones. And increasingly, all of these devices are expected to function flawlessly for longer periods of time, which can be more than a decade for automotive, industrial, and medical applications.

    Test and data analytics vendors have developed a variety of different approaches to ensuring quality, ranging from outlier detection techniques involving dynamic part average testing (DPAT) to on-chip monitoring throughout a chip’s lifetime. The big problem today is in the data itself. Implementing complex test processes with the Standard Test Data Format (STDF) is becoming unwieldy. There is simply too much data from too many sources.

    This is why SEMI and its member companies are developing the Rich Interactive Test database (RITdb), a proposed test data standard aimed at reducing the burden for test engineers and test operations. RITdb, which is the work of SEMI’s Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test (CAST) RITdb working group, focused on the scope of test data and test processes required for modern devices and contemporary test process. Their efforts will be voted on later this year."

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    September 8th, 2020 - By: Anne Meixner

  • As the ATE industry tackles the new paradigms of 5G millimeter wave test, our 30 years of experience working closely with
    customers at these frequencies has highlighted the need for a holistic production test solution.

    The RI8607 Test Set is our newest instrument offering for the Cassini ATE system with 2-port source and measure capability
    from 4 GHz to 50 GHz. The RI8607 provides drop-in frequency extension of our standard 25 GHz source and receiver
    instruments, supplying vector-error corrected VNA capability and two-tone intermodulation test with a single insertion.
    Coupled with our novel modular device interface, this enables configurable and cost-effective measurement port expansion
    that’s integrated into the instrument software control and system calibration to allow vector error-correction all the way to the
    device under test. Incorporating our patented RR12 Micro Flange™ interfaces and conformable waveguide interconnect, our
    test systems deliver high-density millimeter wave to probe card or socketed ICs with 10x less signal loss than coaxial to
    provide the industry’s most capable and versatile test solution to tackle the next generation of high frequency 5G test

    Introduced in 2005, the Cassini ATE platform offers a completely configurable test architecture, providing the industry's widest
    measurement range spanning from DC and high-speed digital to 110 GHz. Combined with an intuitive graphical programming
    environment, Cassini offers precision measurement capability in a rapid production test development environment.
    Roos Instruments is a company based in Santa Clara, CA that designs and manufactures Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for
    the semiconductor industry. Founded in 1989 from a DARPA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant, the company
    specializes in mixed-signal, microwave, and millimeter wave test of precision consumer and industrial-grade integrated

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  • Cassini ATE
    Cassini 16 and Spyder infrastructures provide cost effective ways to test in high volume production or in the lab....

  • Modular Microwave

    Cassini isn’t just modular instruments, it’s a modular architecture and there’s a difference. Test Instrument Modules provide the building blocks for a configurable microwave system with resource ports designed to integrate seamlessly, creating a flexible instrument architecture. This gives Cassini drop in measurement capability and frequency extension as well as instant multi-site expansion.

    How it all works


    Precision microwave signal delivery. Continuous wave signals from 100MHz to 20 GHz. Modulated sources from 10kHz to 6GHz carrier with 20MHz baseband.

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    Signal Combination

    These instruments extend the capability of microwave sources by providing signal routing and signal conditioning features. Two input sources can be routed out of 4 different outputs for increased port efficiency. Built-in step attenuators and amplifications extends the dynamic range of traditional sources providing 150dB of adjustable dynamic range. Precision microwave combiners enable two-tone signal delivery for high performance intermodulation and linearity test setups.

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    The hub for all measurements on Cassini, the synchrodoyne vector receiver provides two direct measure ports for 100MHz to 20 GHz signals and a dedicated low frequency port for signals from 100kHz to 2 GHz. The local oscillator can be shared with up to three different frequency converting testsets along with their corresponding downconverted IF signals to provide cross-instrument, phase-coherent measurements.

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    Test Sets

    Cassini Test Sets integrate with the RF System Core source to extend source and receiver test ports. These specialized front-ends provide path switching, signal conditioning, source combining, and frequency conversion for single insertion intermodulation, linearity, VNA, spectrum analysis, noise figure and power meter measurements.

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  • Cassini Online Training (RIK0040B)
    For new developers of the Cassini ATE System, this self-paced course has over 21 hours of videos, 40 hours of course work and multiple live meetings that cover fundamental production test techniques for DC, digital, mixed signal and microwave DUTs....

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  • Cassini 5G
    Cassini is the only fully integrated ATE solution for high frequency markets above 6 GHz and is 5G ready today. 5G technology rapidly changes, the Cassini 16 slot ATE platform allows for flexibility by progressively adding higher frequency capability....

  • We've Got 5G Covered

    Cassini is the only fully integrated ATE solution for high frequency markets above 6 GHz and is 5G ready today. 5G technology rapidly changes, the Cassini 16 slot ATE platform allows for flexibility by progressively adding higher frequency capability. 

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