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USA-Based OEM of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

C&D Semiconductor is a USA based capital equipment supplier. As a customer focused company, systems are built optimized to customer requirements. This can include optimized configurations, foot print and software. Additionally, C&D has the expertise and capability to develop customer specific features or tool sets.

Having a broad international customer base, C&D systems are deployed with a wide range of customers: semiconductor device manufacturers; compound semiconductor device manufacturers; MEMS and LED suppliers; biosensor manufacturers; high volume manufactures; low volume high dollar value manufactures. Wafer sizes range from 2” to 300 mm wafers and wafers on tape frames and HOOPs.

Common applications for C&D products are: photoresist coat & develop; planarized spin coating; metal lift-off; laminate photoresist develop; alloy or low temperature anneal; dice protect layers.

The main product platform is the C&D P9000 which is a cluster type system built around a central wafer handling robot. All of C&D’s process modules can be incorporated into the P9000 due to the flexible design. 

 Press Releases

  • The USPTO along with the Patent Offices for China, Korea, EU, and Taiwan, have granted C&D Semiconductor with officially recognized patents for their proprietary technology found in the Backside Edge Bead Removal for their featured Synchrospin Coating Module.

    C&D has integrated a disengaging baseplate onto their design for the Synchrospin Coating System, which allows exposure of a Backside EBR nozzle for efficient backside cleaning during the coating process. The disengaging baseplate allows the module to act as a standard coater when the co-rotating bowl and lid are not required.

    C&D is proud to introduce the SynchroSpin­® Coating System as one of the customizable modules for our P9000 family of products designed for coating planarization, with a Patented design for BEBR functionality.

    The coat bowl, spin chuck, and the coat bowl lid all spin in synchronization.  This co-rotation closed-lid coater results in near zero air turbulence inside the coat bowl, which improves coating planarization and greatly reduces chemical consumption.

    The SynchroSpin­® Coating System is C&D’s state-of-the-art coating system variant that features the simultaneous rotation of both top and bottom of the closed-lid coat bowl for a more controlled environment in which the photoresist is spread across the substrate during the spin coating processes.

    The specially designed coater insert is also equipped with a patented integrated backside automatic wash function. Our patented BEBR and disengaging capability features programmable recipe steps which can disengage the co-rotating base plate from spinning together with the spin chuck, allowing access to the backside of the wafer for cleaning and other processing steps. 

    Used as a standalone coater, or together with other standard coater modules, your next P9000 tool will keep up with exacting requirements in today’s semiconductor industry.


  • P9000 Cluster System
    The C&D P9000 Cluster system is a state-of-the-art manufacturing system with the ability to cater to a wide range of semiconductor manufacturing applications, fully customizable to meet specific customer process requirements!...

  • The C&D P9000 Photoresist Coater & Developer Cluster System is designed to process 50mm to 300mm wafers. The P9000 can be equipped with a wide array of different modules, including multiple photoresist coaters or developers, vapor prime modules, hot plates, and chill plates. Specialized process modules are also available, including the use of optical centering and edge bead removal. C&D’s P9000 Cluster System is designed for flexibility and high throughput within a small footprint. The P9000 can be configured as a coater, developer, vapor prime, bake, chill or any variation, and can process a wide range of photoresist spin coating and photosensitive polymer applications.

    C&D Specializes in custom photoresist coaters that are catered to specific customer requirements to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This means that we can reduce the footprint of the cluster system to fit even the most critical dimensions within a fab. On the other hand, tools can be customized with expansion bays for future implementation of additional modules or increase in substrate size due to increased demand or changes in project developments.

  • P8000 Advanced Linear System
    A vast improvement over the SVG 8X systems, the P8000 Linear Track ditches the nearly obsolete card cage control system for a C&D developed controller using a fully PC controlled system....

  • The P8000 Advanced Linear Track System is a recipe-driven photoresist coater and developer, featuring powerful Rabbit Microprocessors and an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), which provides unprecedented capabilities for linear track systems.

    The system offers a wide range of functions which include expanded recipe storage, data logging, manual exercise mode, and system networking. A vast improvement over the SVG 8X systems, the P8000 Linear Track ditches the nearly obsolete card cage control system for a C&D developed controller using a fully PC controlled system.

    The P8000 Advanced Linear System can be configured with several different modules for coating, developing, baking, priming, and chilling. Additional process specializations can also be added, including the use of UV flood exposure units.

  • P7000 Alloy/Anneal System
    The C&D Alloy module is capable of reaching oven temperatures of 500C for rapid GaAs wafer annealing. This high-throughput and single-wafer wafer annealing system was designed as an alternative to large and bulky Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) ovens....

  • The P7000 Wafer Alloy/Anneal System is a unique hotplate with atmospheric control specifically tailored for the needs of metal ohmic wafer alloying. The system is primarily designed for the processing of 50mm– 200mm GaAs and InP wafers. It features engineering simplicity, ease of use, and is a cost-effective alternative to the expensive Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) with roughly twice as much throughput. Process temperatures in the special Alloy block can process wafers at temperatures up to 500 degrees C.

    Each P7000 Alloy System comes with the C&D SmartPro software that makes recipe creation simple and easy. The included component exercise mode allows exercise of all system functions and sensors for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

    The Alloy Module is also available as a module on the P9000 Cluster System

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