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Omniseal Solutions - Beyond the boundaries of POSSIBLE

Omniseal Solutions™ is a global engineering leader with over 65 years of historical legacy, relentlessly dedicated to the design and manufacture of precision sealing and material solutions that protect critical applications in the most demanding environments and passionately driven to push “Beyond the Boundaries of Possible.” With a versatile solutions portfolio that includes polymer seals, metal seals, composites and polymer materials, our team of experts design, fabricate, assemble and create solutions that achieve precise tolerances, while mitigating friction, wear and leakage, in order to meet the extremely demanding performance requirements of critical applications in essential industries.


    The Omniseal® Spring-Energized Seal is a spring-actuated, pressure-assisted sealing device consisting of a PTFE (or other polymer) jacket partially encapsulating a corrosion resistance metal spring energizer....

  • When the OmniSeal® spring energized seal is seated in the gland, the spring is under compression, forcing the jacket lips against the gland walls and thereby creating a leak-tight seal. The spring provides permanent resilience to the seal jacket and compensates for material wear and hardware misalignment or eccentricity. System pressure also assists in energizing the seal jacket. Spring loading assisted by system pressure provides effective sealing in both low and high-pressure operating environments.

    An OmniSeal® spring energized seal with a polymer jacket functions at temperatures ranging from -450°F(-268°C) to 600°F (316°C) and is inert to virtually all chemicals except molten alkali metals, fluorine gas at high temperature and chlorine trifluoride (ClF3).

    Over the years, we have developed more than 500 blends for use in unique sealing applications, and we are continually formulating and developing new materials.

    OmniSeal® spring energized seals are available with a variety of spring energizers, each with characteristics that meet specific requirements. Spring loading can be engineered to meet critical low friction requirements in dynamic applications, or extremely high loading often required for cryogenic sealing. OmniSeal® spring energized seals have unlimited shelf life and are not subject to age controls normally imposed on elastomeric seals.

    A thermosetting polyimide, the Meldin® 7000 material series exhibits extremely high dimensional stability at elevated temperatures....

  • Meldin® polyimide material solutions exhibit high dimensional stability at high temperatures and longer life at higher loads and speeds. With Omniseal Solutions™, total control on the process from the powder to the parts is guaranteed.

    Principal Features of Meldin® 7000 Series

    1. Geometric stability at High temperatures – The material exhibits extremely high geometric stability at elevated temperatures. Testing has shown Meldin® 7000 to have less than 0.04% variation from its original dimensions after cycling from 73⁰F (22⁰ C) to 500⁰F (260⁰C) over a 2-day period.
    2. Total Process Control (Powder to Parts) – Our expanding production facility and our R&D testing labs allow us to maintain control of the quality and source of the polyimide resin. Our “Powder-to-Part” capability means total process control of resin production, stock shape manufacturing, direct forming, and critical dimensional machining of your finished parts.
    3. Longer life at Higher loads and Speeds – The self-lubricating grades of Meldin® 7000 do not melt when exposed to high load (P), or high speed (V) applications, as compared to more traditional PTFE or thermoplastic polymers. Meldin® 7000 self-lubricating grades exceed 300,000 in dry environments and 1,000,000 in liquid

    The purity of Meldin® in combination with its other properties, makes this material the ideal choice for semi-conductor applications, successfully replacing aluminum, ceramic, and other high-performance plastics.

    Omniseal® Metal Seals are an ideal choice when polymer seals reach limit in terms of temperature & pressure and at the same time, require the best leakage rate....

  • Our Omniseal metal seal product line is a combination of two complementary product and market expertise. Our portfolio includes solutions for static to semi-dynamic applications, face and axial designs, multiple materials able to achieve the highest temperatures and pressure and a high variety of platings and coatings to enhance the sealing and wear resistance of your seals. These solutions are available in catalogue dimensions and can be customized thanks to our qualified teams of process, design and applications engineers.”

    Our product portfolio includes C-Seal, O-Seal, E-Seal, Spring Energised Seal and Custom Designed Seals. Our resilient metals seals are used in a wide variety of applications where normal seals cannot cope with extremes of temperature, pressure, medium or combinations thereof. 

    General Metal Seals Properties

    1. Unlimited Shelf Life
    2. Radiation and Corrosion resistance
    3. Pressure from ultra-high vacuum up to +500 Mpa
    4. Temperatures from -450⁰F (-270⁰C) to 1200⁰F (650⁰C). Higher temperatures on request.

    We are serving all markets including Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Industrial, Semiconductor, Medical...

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