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We look forward to seeing you at 2021 Semicon West!

For over 50 years, Seiwa Optical has been a provider of both standard and custom optical solutions for machine vision, inspection, and industrial processing.  Product solutions include cameras, telecentric lenses, CCTV lenses, objective lenses, LED illumination, microscopes, exposure and repair systems. 
At the 2021 Semicon West Show this year, Seiwa Optical will have live demonstrations of the new, fully automated version of the IR-2200 microscope.  
Attendees are encouraged to bring samples to the booth to test with this new fully automated IR-2200 infrared microscope. 
We will also feature Seiwa Optical's newly released process equipment including 2D 3D Measurement system, Fully Automated Review system, Wafer Cassette Inspection System, and Wafer Overlay Inspection System. 
We invite you to visit the Seiwa Optical America booth to see how our product solutions can help you. 


  • 2D 3D Measurement System
    This system is equipped with Coherent Scanning Interferometer (CSI) and measures pattern and defect height on wafers, Line width (2D), and Height (3D). Hybrid measurement is also available with Seiwa Original Review (SRV) optics....

  • This product measures patterns of integrated circuits, diced wafers, and specific locations on bare wafers.  It generates 3D models from height measured data.  It can be used as alternative SEM feature.  This system provides Line width (2D) with Height (3D) hybrid measurement.  Custom system is available.  


    • Wafer size: 8 inch / 12 inch
    • Wafer handling: Robot (Cassette or Load port station)
    • Cleanliness:  ISO14644-1  Class 3~

    SRV Series Seiwa Original Review Engine (Review & 2D Measurement)

    • Camera: 5M pixel
    • Lenses: 2.5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x

    Coherent Scanning Interferometer CSI Engine (3D Measurement)

    • Camera: 5M pixel
    • Lenses: 20x or 50x or 100x
    • *Line width(2D) and Height (3D) Measurement uses SRV and CSI Engine Optics. 
  • Fully Automated Review System
    This fully automated review system is integrated with high speed Auto Focus which shares defect coordinates from front end processing. Upon arriving at the defect location, it generates high resolution images automatically captured to store at ADC. ...

  • This product reviews defects of semiconductor integrated circuits detected by AVI / AOI at front end processing.

    Seiwa original high resolution optical engine onboard with Seiwa designed chassis attains high throughput with high precision inspection.  Customized system is available. 


    • Wafer size: 8 inch / 12 inch
    • Work condition: Dicing ring or Frame ring
    • Wafer handling: Robot (Cassette or Load Port Station)
    • Motion Speed: Max 1000mm / sec
    • Acceleration  / Deceleration 0.1sec
    • *2x faster (for 300mm case)
    • *Anti-vibration countermeasure applied
    • Cleanliness:  ISO 14644-1 Class 3~ integrated FFU (ULPA)

    SRV Series Seiwa original review Engine (For Review)

    Camera: 5M pixel

    Lenses: 2.5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x

  • New Fully Automated IR-2200 Infrared Microscope
    Seiwa Optical's fully automated IR-2200 microscope allows the user to inspect sub-surface images including MEMS devices, 3D stacks, incoming wafers, photovoltaic and wafer-level CSP's. ...

  • Seiwa Optical's IR-2200 microscope allows the user to inspect sub-surface images including MEMS devices, 3D stacks, incoming wafers, photovoltaic and wafer-level CSP's. The IR-2200 system integrates the infrared tabletop microscope system with software. Camera options include near infrared (NIR) and Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) cameras. Objective lens options include Seiwa Optical's M Plan APO series (spectral sensitivity range from 400nm-1100nm), Seiwa Optical's PE IR series (spectral sensitivity range for near infrared wavelengths up to 1600nm), and PE IR 2000 HR series (color corrected from 1000nm - 2000nm wavelength). Features include high precision measurements, image capture, verification and inspection of materials transparent to the near infrared (NIR) / Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) wavelengths.
    New camera options including ARTCAM-990-SWIR offers stitching and topography capabilities. The Seiwa Insight software allows for remote focus and remote XY stage.

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