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Semco: Your Global Clamping Solutions for Semiconductors

Global Clamping Solutions for Advanced Semiconductor Processing

Semco Engineering, Inc., a subsidiary of Semco Technologies, specializes in Electrostatic Chucks and gas delivery systems. Semco''s Electrostatic Chucks are plug and play and are available in multi polarities, are reworkable, and have an excellent thermal transfer under vacuum. Semco''s patented ESC technology provides long lifetime and high reliability.  Additionally, our ESC''s work in a temperature range from -150°C upto 650°C, and can include embedded heaters up to 550°C. Semco also designs and manufacturers valves, mass flow controllers (MFC''s), and gas panels

Rapid Thermal Processing & Annealing Equipment

As a subsidiary within the ECM Group, we also provide high-quality RTP/RTA systems, covering all applications (under the brand name JIPELEC), ranging from entry-level systems in a multi-user laboratory to standalone systems dedicated to research-production applications.

- Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)
- Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)
- Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO)
- Rapid Thermal Nitridation (RTN)
- Rapid Thermal Diffusion (RTD)


  • Electrostatic Chucks
    SEMCO Electrostatic Chucks offer smart solutions for clamping and processing of thin and ultra-thin wafers based on its proprietary ESC capacitive technology....

  • SEMCO Electrostatic Chucks offers smart solutions for clamping and processing of thin and ultra-thin wafers based on its proprietary ESC capacitive technology. SEMCO Technologies may also provide cooling, heating, biasing, vacuum, rotating and tilting capabilities, and are used in most of the advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes, including lithography, ion-implantation, CVD, sputtering, etch, transport, metrology and inspection on any type of conductive and non-conductive substrate materials. Our ESC's are also available in multi polarities, are reworkable, and feature excellent thermal transfer properties under vacuum. It's no coincidence that SEMCO Electrostatic Chucks is today the preferred partner of most equipment manufacturers and refurbishers dealing with process or production challenges on a daily basis.


    • Safe and easy handling of semiconductor wafers, flat panel displays, solar cells, etc.

    • Clamping capability of a variety of materials including dielectrics and compounds.

    • Compatible with substrates from 3-inch to 450-mm diameter.

    • Wide operating temperature range between -250°C (-418°F) and +650°C (+1200°F).

    • Compatible with high bias applications and any atmospheric or vacuum positioning.

    • Homogeneous clamping forces with fast plug in/ plug out.

    • Capacity to handle customer specified design from the prototype phase to production.

  • Gas Flow Components
    SEMCO Technologies specialized in the design and manufacture of mass flow controllers, precision valves and assemblies for the control of liquids and gases used in the fabrication of semiconductor, optical and PV materials....

  • Originally a spin-off company of the ASM Gas Handling Systems business unit, the company has been operating since 1982 supplying Universities, labs, Research centers, OEMs and fabs with innovative gas flow components. In 1986, the company set the standards for high purity process control by pioneering the introduction of the modular gas panel technology. Qualiflow is also behind numerous technological breakthroughs such as the 1/4” high-flow standard. The company has filed a number of patents worldwide, maintains an extensive R&D effort to preserve its technological edge, and provides global support through the SEMCO network.

    2019 FLOWLINK acquisition:
    2021 KEMSTRAM acquisition:

    The portfolio consists of four product lines
    • Analog & digital MFCs for liquids and gas QUALIFLOW
    • Precision valves & accessories FLOWLINK
    • Gas distribution systems
    • Vaporization systems & gas injectors, which all reflect the company’s innovation culture KEMSTREAM

    Analog & Digital Mass Flow Controllers for Liquids and Gas QUALIFLOW

    • Analog MFCs used to control process gas flows up to 250 slm at the best price.
    • Digital MFCs for repeatability and accuracy (electromagnetic valve) range up to 250 slm.
    • Power supplies, readout boxes and control softwares for analog or digital supervision.

    Precision Valves and Accessories FLOWLINK

    • Bellows and diaphragm shut-off valves (with toggle, ¼ turn or pneumatic actuators).
    • In-line filters, check valves, interconnection fittings (elbow, tee, etc.) and more.

    Gas Distribution Systems

    • Stand-alone (incl. PLC) gas panels (MFC & pressure control) for research and industry.
    • OEM automated UHP delivery gas cabinets for optical fibres and semi-conductors.

    Vaporization Systems and Gas Injectors KEMSTREAM

    • Solid- and liquid-source evaporators for accurate handling of gas flows of reactants.
    • Vent/Run valved gas injectors with high-temperature capabilities.
  • Rapid Thermal Processing & Annealing Equipment
    Rapid Thermal Processing & Annealing (RTP/RTA) is a semiconductor manufacturing process which provides a way to rapidly heat samples to high temperatures to perform short processes on a timescale of a few minutes maximum....

  • Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) is a semiconductor manufacturing process which provides a way to rapidly heat samples to high temperatures to perform short processes on a timescale of a few minutes maximum.

    Such rapid heating rates are performed by high intensity lamps (e.g. near-infrared light sources - Tungsten-halogen lamps) controlled by pyrometer and thermocouples that measure the sample temperature. Cooling must also be perfectly controlled to prevent dislocations and sample breakage. Rapid Thermal Processing was originally developed for ion implant anneal but has broadened its application to oxidation, silicide formation, chemical vapor deposition, and advanced applications such as modifying the crystallographic phase of elements, compounds or alloys to enhance properties, lattice interface or stress relaxation. RTP is a flexible technology that provides fast heating and cooling to process temperatures of ~200-1300°C with ramp rates typically 20-200°C/sec, combined with excellent gas ambient control, allowing the creation of sophisticated multistage processes within one processing recipe.

    The SEMCO Group under the brand name JIPELEC provides high-quality RTP systems, covering all applications:
    • JETLIGHT / Entry-level system to start RTP in to start RTP in a multi-user laboratory
    • JETFIRST / Workhorse solution for a wide range of applied research applications
    • JETSTAR / Standalone system dedicated to transfer-to-production applications

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