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Precision Heating & Cooling Components for Wafer Processing

Cast Aluminum Solutions (CAS) designs & manufactures precision-engineered thermal components for semiconductor equipment OEMs and end-users worldwide.  We specialize in heated devices for wafer processing applications.

CAS is a leading supplier of high-uniformity, high-temperature Pedestal Heaters.  Advanced options include Multi-Zone Heating, Embedded Cooling Tubes, Integrated Gas Channels, and Precision Surface Finishes.

Supported by a newly-expanded R&D Technical Center, CAS develops, tests and manufactures high-performance heating & cooling products for critical in-chamber applications. 

CAS also manufactures innovative inline heaters such as CAST-X, PUR-X and PUR-Therm, primary for wet bench uses. 

Many customers view us as “an extension of their own engineering team.” We offer Finite Element Analysis, CFD Modeling, Infra-Red Testing, plus X-Ray and Ultrasound testing. We are your partner, from prototyping phase to high volume producution.

Headquartered near Chicago, Cast Aluminum Solutions serves customers globally via offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

At Semicon West 2021, please visit the CAS Team at Booth 1439 !

 Press Releases

  • October 4, 2021


    Cast Aluminum Solutions Opens New R&D Technical Center to Serve Semi Customers

    Cast Aluminum Solutions (CAS) – a leading supplier of precision-engineered thermal components for wafer processing applications – is pleased to announce the opening of its new Technical Center, focused on research & development of heating and cooling products for the semiconductor industry.

    CAS has a deep background in designing and manufacturing high-uniformity pedestal heaters,
    high-temperature in-chamber components, precision ring and valve heaters, as well as

    high-purity inline heaters compatible with solvents, DI water, and semi gases.

    CAS’s new R&D Technical Center is dedicated to bringing the next generation of wafer processing components to life.  The new facility features capabilities that help shepherd new products from initial concept to model-based CAD, to initial prototype, and on through to a full-volume production part.

    CAS’s new R&D Tech Center Includes these Capabilities:

    • Finite Element Analysis:  Ansys FEA enables CAS Engineers to model and simulate wafer-based heating processes.  Product designs can be tested and augmented without the need for costly prototypes: this approach reduces costs and shortens timeframes.  FEA helps to verify thermal uniformity, thermal expansion & deflection, and the associated effects upon substrate materials.

    • CFD Modeling:  CAS Engineers are utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics to optimize mold designs and casting processes.  This important application helps eliminate multiple test-casting sessions, allowing the CAS Team to easily lock-in ideal casting variables: pour temperatures, fill rates, cooling protocols, and other factors relating to the company’s in-house aluminum foundry.

    • Infra-Red Thermal Imaging:   This important technology helps CAS Engineers test a product’s temperature uniformity against the predictive models generated by initial FEA simulations.  Data logging capabilities can also be tied to IR test sessions.

    • Vacuum Chamber Testing:   CAS’s new R&D Tech Center features a large vacuum chamber, allowing CAS Technicians to simulate the high-vacuum conditions our semi customers work with regularly.  CAS parts can be tested “in vacuum”, in conjunction with temperature logging technologies such as Infra-Red or surface-mounted sensors (Sensarray).

    • Life Cycle Test Stations:  With variable voltage transformers, heaters can be tested to any worldwide voltage.  Overall life-cycle as well as power surge survivability tests can be performed.  Programmable controls, tied to robust data logging systems, help ensure product durability, even under the harshest field conditions.

    • Next-Generation CMM Machines:  CAS’s new Tech Center is equipped with the latest in programmable Coordinate Measuring Machines, to verify dimensions to the millionth of an inch.

    • Mazak Multi-Axis CNC Machine Centers:  CAS’s new facility features several new Mazak-brand programmable machine centers, equipped with the latest Mazitrol machine language.  These advanced CNCs facilitate seamless transitions from CAD file to repeatable machining task.

    This new R&D Tech Center is located near CAS’s headquarters (in Batavia, IL, approx. 30 miles from Chicago), and will be staffed by a dedicated New Product Development Team.  Cast Aluminum Solutions has dedicated substantial resources toward becoming a key supplier of critical components to top tier semi tool OEMs.

    Tony Meadors, Divisional Vice President at CAS, further explained, “Cast Aluminum Solutions is committed to growing with our customers, as they investigate and adapt the latest in microprocessor manufacturing technologies.  This industry encompasses some of the most advanced molecular principles and processing technologies mankind has ever dealt with.  At CAS, we feel this new R&D Tech Center helps us continue our success in the wafer processing sector, allowing us to keep pace with our customer base’s ever-evolving requirements for highly-engineered, very precise thermal components.”

    For more information about Cast Aluminum Solutions, see our website:

    Or visit the CAS Team at Semicon West 2021, Booth 1439.

  • August 4, 2021


    Cast Aluminum Solutions Launches Industrial Heater with Temps to 1110°F / 600°C

    Cast Aluminum Solutions (CAS) – a leading supplier of precision-engineered thermal components used in semiconductor wafer processing applications – is pleased to announce the launch of its new CAST-X High Temperature Heater line.

    CAST-X High Temp Heaters feature operating temperatures to 1110°F (600°C)

    These heaters are compatible with a wide array of liquids and gases, including flammable media.

    Low flashpoint solvents, IPA, and other sensitive liquids can be heated using CAST-X High Temp.

    Appropriate gases include nitrogen, argon, process gases, and clean compressed air.  Cryogenic gases, even under significant pressures, can be safely and efficiently vaporized and heated.

    CAST-X HT is an easily-integrated “inline heater”, with industry-standard flow-tube sizes, and compatibility with worldwide voltages.  These units have a very small footprint, and are compatible with standard control panel formats.  CAST-X High Temperature Heaters are available in two sizes:

    • CAST-X HT 500, has power to 1500 Watts, and a 1/4 inch fluid/gas flow-tube.
      It is available with a certified Explosion Proof Terminal Enclosure or a No Enclosure option.  

    • CAST-X HT 2000 accommodates higher-flow applications with power to 6 kW, and a 1/2 inch flow-tube; it’s available with either an Explosion-Proof or Water-Resistant terminal enclosure.

    All CAST-X Heaters have a unique “no contact design”, where the heated media never contacts the heating element.  The heated media (which can be liquid or gas) flows through a spiral-wound stainless steel or Inconel flow-tube, which is isolated inside the heater body: high-performance heating elements are also integrated within the heater body.  This design is very safe, but also much cleaner than standard immersion heaters, where gases are in direct contact with heating elements.

    Many of today’s complex chemical reactions and advanced processing applications require temperatures that are much higher than traditional industrial heaters can deliver.  The new
    CAST-X High Temp Heater is designed to fit those advanced thermal requirements.

    According to Jeffrey Awe, Global Marketing Director at CAS, “The CAST-X Heater design has always been favored by engineers involved with complex gas vaporization processes and sophisticated solvent heating applications.  Now, with CAST-X High Temp delivering temperatures to 600°C, the potential market penetration for the CAST-X Heater family is expanded significantly.”

    Jerry Carlson, Divisional Vice President at CAS, further explained, “The CAST-X High Temp line occupies a unique position in the industrial heater marketplace.  It combines the safety and purity of an isolated fluid path with the high operating temps demanded by today’s fluid and gas applications.”

    The CAST-X Heater family is manufactured by Cast Aluminum Solutions.  For more information about CAS or the CAST-X Heater family, please see our website at

    Headquartered in Batavia, Illinois, near Chicago, Cast Aluminum Solutions designs and manufactures precision-engineered thermal products for OEMs and end-users worldwide.  Primary markets include
    semiconductor wafer processing, energy & natural gas, commercial foodservice, industrial gas & chemical processing, as well as biopharmaceutical and medical sectors. 


  • Next-Gen Stainless Steel Pedestal Heaters !!
    A leader in semi pedestal heaters, Cast Aluminum Solutions offers Stainless Steel wafer heaters with operating temps to 650°C and temp uniformity to ± 2%. In several sizes, with options for multiple heat zones, cooling tubes, and gas channels....

  • A leader in pedestal heater technology, Cast Aluminum Solutions is bringing significant advancements to Stainless Steel wafer heaters. With operating temps to 650°C, and uniformity as close as +/-2%, with minimal surface deflection, stainless steel pedestal heaters from CAS are ready to perform in the most demanding DDP, MDP and FEP applications.

    Developed using Finite Element Analysis (structural and thermal models), our SST pedestals deliver repeatable, predictable performance metrics. CAS’s stainless steel pedestals utilize our proprietary IFC (Interference Fit Construction) technique. This ensures efficient heat transfer from the element to the substrate. And IFC eliminates the need for backing plates or retention mechanisms. Customer-specific groove patterns and gas channels are available, and low-RA topside surfaces are achievable.

    Please ontact Cast Aluminum Solutions.

    Or call 630-879-2696 (U.S.)

    Please visit CAS at Semicon West 2021 at Booth 1439

  • High-Purity Heaters for Gases & Liquids
    Cast Aluminum Solutions offers Gas Heaters, Solvent Heaters, and DI Water Heaters. All have “Isolated Flow Paths” in Teflon or 316 SS. Process media is isolated, never contacting the heating element or any other portion of the heater. UHP available....

  • Cast Aluminum Solutions offers high purity heaters for Nitrogen, Solvents, IPA, DI Water and more !

    All models have an “isolated flow-path”: high-purity gases & liquids never contact the heat element or any other portion of the heater.

    PUR-Therm Gas Delivery Heater is for chamber gases. The flowline is 316 SS, electropolished, passivated, and UHP compliant.

    PUR-X Heaters feature a removeable, replaceable Teflon (PFA) flowtube, for caustic liquids or HP gases.

    CAST-X Heaters are available in 1 to 60 kW. Flow-tubes can be SS, Inconel, Hastelloy or Monel. CAST-X is compatible with flammable media (solvents, gases, IPA) and high operating pressures.

    CAST-X High Temp Heaters feature working temps to 600°C

    Universal Solvent Heater is designed for low-flash Solvents. USH has an Electro-Polished SS flow-tube, a built-in cooling tube, multiple temp sensors, and more.

    Cast Aluminum Solutions

    Tel: 630-879-2696 (U.S.)

    Visit CAS at Semicon West 2021 at Booth 1439


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