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ECI Technology is a trusted global supplier of proprietary and patented chemical process control equipment. Its systems are found throughout the semiconductor, advanced wafer-level packaging, printed circuit board, LEDs, and solar cells industries – qualifying incoming supplies, managing tool inputs, adjusting chamber/bath conditions, and monitoring process solutions for reuse. 

  • Chemical monitoring systems for copper and cobalt metallization
  • Advanced packaging metallization process control
  • Monitor clean and etch wet process chemistries

ECI Technology works with end-users, process tool manufacturers, and materials suppliers to provide optimized control solutions for new and established processes. ECI maintains its global presence with four international offices located in the US, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to support its equipment and development activities. In addition, ECI has exclusive service and distributor representation serving the electronics industries and deploys a full spectrum of mechanical, electrical, and process engineers in service, technical support, and maintenance.


  • QUALI-LINE Analyzers for Cu and Co Interconnects
    QUALI-LINE PRIMÅ and QUANTÅ feature CVS electrochemical technology as well as Spectroscopic and Potentiometric Titration techniques to find the concentrations of both inorganic and organic components with the most optimal degree of precision and accuracy....

  • QUALI-LINE PRIMÅ Analyzer for Copper and Cobalt Interconnects

    In semiconductor applications, Cu and Co metallization processes play a crucial role in the fabrication of interconnects. The challenges facing the semiconductor industry are cost, yield improvements, and competitive scaling. For more than 25 years, QUALI-LINE® Chemical monitoring systems have been at the forefront of the industry when it comes to the analysis and control of Copper Damascene processes. The QUALI-LINE analyzers for cobalt are now in their second generation and include extended capabilities. 

    The QUALI-LINE® chemical monitoring system allows accurate plating for semiconductor devices. The system has been developed specifically for high-volume manufacturing environments with the maximum reliability, quickest analysis time, and the most stringent control.

    QUALI-LINE features CVS electrochemical technology as well as Spectroscopic and Potentiometric Titration techniques to find the concentrations of both inorganic and organic components with the most optimal degree of precision and accuracy.

    Based on the chemistry, QUALI-LINE PRIMÅ can offer repeatability/accuracy of up to 2% and 3% for organic analysis within a time span of 30 minutes. In the case of specific applications that necessitate Fast Acid and Cu analysis, the system provides Cu and Acid analysis results within 7 minutes for each cycle.

    The total analysis time of QUALI-LINE QUANTÅ is less than 22 minutes based on the chemistry, with a standard accuracy and RSD specification of Co and Boric Acid of 2% and 2%, respectively.

    Key Features

    • Bath Health Monitor is a dedicated module developed for bath aging, analyzing contaminants and breakdown products
    • An Analyzer Health Monitor prompts for maintenance when it is required
    • An Automatic Standard Generator offers a repeatable and accurate standard for precise calibration and validation, thus serving as an alternative to cost-intensive pre-mixed standard
    • The system works using the expansive library of ChemPacks® applications offered by ECI Technology
    • Built-in leak detectors monitor the system and trigger an emergency shutdown process when a leak is detected
    • The system is capable of monitoring up to four plating tanks

    Key Benefits

    • Works in accordance with stringent tolerance specifications to ensure successful deposition of each layer
    • Improved for sophisticated via filling and trench structures
    • Each system supports conventional, ultra-low, and high concentration chemistries; users can easily convert the systems for the analysis of different Cu  and Co chemistries
    • Low maintenance, precision-crafted components
    • Easily combines with the most advanced plating tools

    Configured to Meet Users’ Needs

    The cabinet is built using FM4910-compliant materials. The system includes four main sections that isolate electronics from chemical handling sections.

  • QUALISURF® Wet Process Chemical Monitoring Systems
    The only analyzers which enable reclaim of cleaning and etching process chemistries. Proprietary technology for highly selective and tight process control for Logic and Memory manufacturing....

  • Existing process demands for both 3D stacking and sophisticated transistors need wet process control beyond previous equipment abilities. The number of required selective chemical deposition steps is expanded by scaling down to MOL and the multilayers of BEOL.

    Fast rollout from research and development to large-scale manufacturing implies that wet chemical deposition equipment should be scalable, precise, and economical.

    The QUALISURF® range of analyzers are completely automated online, inline, and benchtop chemical monitoring systems that can be configured for sophisticated etching and cleaning applications to accurately control the composition of metallization solutions, such as contaminants and additives in the sub-ppm level.

    The QUALISURF platform has a flexible architecture that helps install different methods together to methodically carry out process controls, such as:

    • Qualify incoming wet chemistry 
    • Chemical quality control for facilities and production floors
    • Advanced cleaning chemistries with multiple species
    • Multiple process tools can be supported
    • Process solutions can be tracked and optimized for reuse
    • User can reclaim or recycle chemistry for efficient process and to fulfill environmental and sustainability goals

    Key Features

    • Enables spectroscopy integration and communication with all the process tools and the Fab host for closed-loop control
    • Uses recipe-based measurement and data analysis with both output and visualization of outcomes, with export in numerous data formats
    • Provides numerous recirculation line support for each chemistry
    • Provides comprehensive histories and current status of the tanks, and also displays SPC data without interrupting the automatic analysis sequence
    • Enables solution reclaim; leads to reduced costs because of less wastage
    • Automatic control and analysis of chemical components and species
    • A tank summary includes analysis data on each process chamber, as well as the standard data 
    • The frequency of analysis can be defined by users and is based on the analytical technique and the chemistry
    • Unique, low maintenance electrodes and several integrated automated routines, allow simple diagnostics, maintenance and troubleshooting
    • For result comparison, a separate history of SPC alarm messages and a chronological history of alarm messages are available
    • Numerous alarm indicators alert operators relating to problems in tanks or instruments

    Key Benefits

    Process Improvement

    • Quick characterization and analysis of process bath chemistry enable instant response and rectification to process conditions. Product yields are also increased by knowing a quantitative process composition.
    • Established reliability of 95% availability with an MTBF of more than 1000 hours*
    • A completely automated system makes use of programmable recipes for accurate control. Such recipes comprise steps for delays, sample extraction, composition replenishment and purges to clean lines, thereby offering more process knowledge and precision for tighter process control. Enables solution reclaim; leads to reduced costs due to less wastage.


    • Numerous chemistries and process tools, such as detection of variations in incoming raw chemical supply, are sampled and analyzed
    • The modular design enables flexible configuration and thus enhances the uniformity and reproducibility of the process
    • Multi-channel abilities support all the tanks for a process tool
    • Can be configured for sub-fab setting


    • Flexible software offers many viewing options
    • Software makes process control easy with alarm settings, status conditions, and online help

    Reduced preventative maintenance requirements decrease the cost of consumables and can be readily field serviced

    ​*Chemistry dependent

    Application Guide for QUALISURF Analyzers





    • BEOL
    • Diluted Ozone for silicon-germanium (SiGi) cleans 
    • Integrated, point-of-use
    • BEOL

    • Clean & Etch PERR
    • W Contacts PERR
    • TiN Hard Mask Removal
    • AlOx/HMO Cleans
    • Continuous measurement of all critical components
    • Enables re-use of chemicals
    • Excellent performance for H2O2
    • Materials Quality
    • Control/Facilities and Waste Management
    • DSP+ Blend
    • Metal
    • Contaminants and Waste Management
    • Qualifying incoming chemicals, critical to managing cost, yield and reliability at advanced design nodes
    • Tight control DSP+ mix concentrations
    • FEOL
    • Selective Si Etch with hot phosphoric acid (H3PO4)
    • Trench Isolation
    • Spacing and Thinning
    • Bit-line
    • Patented method for Si, precise/efficient Si monitor
    • Post CMP process
    • In-line chemical monitoring of chemical mixing and dilution systems
    • MOL
    • BEOL
    • Cobalt PERR
    • Control of all known components
    • Enables re-use of chemicals
    • FEOL
    • Sigma Anisotropic Etch (TMAH)
    • Si Etch
    • SiGe
    • GAA
    • Polysilicon Etch
    • Photoresist Strip
    • Removal and Rework
    • Multiple components are measured by NIR, <5 mins. per tank
    • Superior selectivity for Si Etch
    • Advanced packaging
    • UBM Copper Etching Reclaim
    • Enables re-use of chemicals
    • Advanced packaging
    • Photoresist Strip, Removal and Rework
    • Tight process control

  • QUALI-FILL® LIBRÅ Chemical Monitoring Systems
    A fully automatic, closed-loop control analyzer for electroplating and electroless plating monitoring and intelligent dosing controls for packaging applications. LIBRA "K" series systems analyze TSV, RDL, Pillar, Bump, and UBM processes....

  • QUALI-FILL® LIBRA: A Chemical Management System for Advanced Packaging and Electroplating

    The new QUALI-FILL LIBRA online standalone metrology systems from ECI Technology have been specifically engineered to quantify material properties like Ni, Cu, SnAg and other crucial chemical species in plating solutions used for wafer packaging and other applications.

    The system has a modular design and can be configured to fulfill users’ demands. Developed based on ECI’s established QUALI-FILL chemical management platform, this sturdy system easily combines with R&D and production fabrications and is in compliance with the latest SECS/GEM and safety guidelines.

    The LIBRA K series takes metrology performance to an ultra-safe and ultra-clean wafer fabrication environment. It helps monitor plating chemicals used for wafer-level packaging processes like TSV, RDL, UBM, and Micro Bumping processes like fan-out, SOC, and others.

    The LIBRA A system has been developed for the tough settings of printed circuit board manufacturing. It is exclusively designed for analyzing plating chemicals in PLP and PCB manufacturing, like Electroplated Ni, Cu, Au, Pd, Sn, and Sn-alloys, as well as Electroless Ni, Cu, Pd, Au, and Zincate.

    The smart QUALI-DOSE system combines easily with LIBRA systems to accurately dose plating baths with replenishing solutions.

    Breakdown Products

    Process Solution Contaminant Analytical Technique
    Cu Suppressor BP SBP, ST-based, TOC
    Accelerator BP DPA, ABP, AABP, HPLC
    Leveler BP DPA-C CVS
    Cu(1) DPA-C
    H202 CVS
    PR/contaminant Spectroscopy/Titration
    Metal contaminants: Sn, Ni, Co, Au ICP
    Sn and SnAg PR/contaminant Spectroscopy/Titration
    Metal contaminants: ICP Cu, Ni, Co, Au ICP
    Ni, Co PR/contaminant  Spectroscopy
    Metal contaminants: Cu, Sn, Au UV-Vis for Cu, ICP for Sn and Au
    Leveler BP in Atotech chemistry UV-Vis
    Au Metal contaminants: Cu, Ni, Co, Sn UV-Vis for Cu, ICP for Sn and Au

    Main Features

    • Versatile, modular design supports various types of manufacturing lines
    • Includes several analytical techniques to find and quantify the concentrations of crucial chemical species
    • Parallel close-loop integration to several plating process tools
    • Parallel analysis of various chemistries
    • Users can communicate with fabrications CIM via SECS/GEM
    • Multiple tanks can be supported for each chemistry

    Main Benefits

    • The main advantages of the QUALI-FILL LIBRA analyzers are their patented and proprietary methods to detect and quantify contaminants like photoresist, additive by-products and trace foreign metals. Such contaminants have an impact on the plating results and are crucial to managing the quality of the plated products.
    • The system monitors and allows process understanding of control process solutions and waste streams for treatment or recycling
    • Intelligent dosing capabilities help tighten the process
    • Unprecedented repeatability and accuracy can be ensured by using minimal, cost-effective reagent solutions. High-value analyses can be performed with low consumables and low cost per analysis.
    • ECI offers fast development times for brand new chemistries
    • Flexible configurations with an extensive range of applications

    Technical Specs

    • Conforming standards: CE, NFPA-79, SEMI F47, SEMI S2-S8, KRWA
    • 1 cabinet: 762 mm (30″) W x 2064 mm (81.2″) H x 610 mm (24″) D
    • 2 cabinets: 1524 mm (60″) W x 2064 mm (81.2″) H x 610 mm (24″) D
    • 3 cabinets: 2286 mm (90″) W x 2064 mm (81.2″) H x 610 mm (24″) D
    • AC: 180 to 245 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 A
    • Data communication: Multiple communication protocols— TCP/IP, Serial, SECS/GEM, RS-232

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