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Manufacturer, Importer / Exporter of Semiconductor Products.  Importers of Atmospheric and Differential Pressure Switches, Gauges, Flow Meters and LINTEC Mass Flow Controllers.  Distributor of CANON OPTRON Vacuum / Optical Coating Mateirals.  Wacom Silcone Rubber, Nisshinbo Glassy Carbon Plates, ITM Ceramic Fiber, Wacom Solar Simulators and DAEWON Chemcial Polishing Pads for Glass, Wafer and CMP.   Equipment Manufacturer of AMAYA MOCVD system with patented Vaporizer for ferroelectrics thin film deposition for mass production FeRAM and for the next generation FeRAM.  AMAYA APCVD equipment offer excellent performance and uniform film formations.  Available models combine high through-put and reduced TCO for greater profitability.  Tools - A200 (TEOS-O3/SiH4-O2 CVD System) and A6300 (Atmospheric Pressure SiH4/O2 CVD)and AMAX Series (SiH4-O2 CVD System).


  • Wacom Quartz
    Wacom Quartz manufactures high purity quartz products for the Semiconductor Industry. Products include process tubes, chambers, wafer carriers, crucibles and we offer custom fabrication projects. ...

  • Wacom Quartz Corp. is a Phoenix, Arizona based corporation providing quartz-glass fabrication, repair and sales to semiconductor, solar energy, biomedical and other commercial customers in the southwest USA and worldwide. The company combines time honored craftsmanship as well as new technology in an ISO-9001
    certified system to continually satisfy its customers, improve business, and grow. By partnering with customers, vendors and employees; Wacom Quartz provides state-of-the-art solutions in quartzware.  Additional information is available at www.wacomquartz.com.
  • Amaya APCVD Equipment
    AMAYA CO., LTD. is known for their APCVD systems used in semiconductor facilities throughout the world....

  •  APCVD system for PV cell production.  The tool has achieved a high throughput of 2,000 wafers / hour (125mm) and 1,000 wafers / hour (156mm) and is available to produce the following film depositions.

    BSG film deposition by diborane (B2H6) doping with mono-silane (SiH4) and O2 to make P-type layer on N-type wafer to make PN junction for PV cell.
    PSG film deposition by Phosphine (PH3) doping with mono-silane (SiH4) and O2 to make N-type layer on P-type wafer to make PN junction for PV cell.
    SiO2 film deposition by mono-silane (SiH4) and O2 for non-diffusion part of wafer for hard mask purpose.
    SiO2 film deposition by mono-silane (SiH4) and O2 on wafer backside to enhance back side reflection.

  • Semiconductor Spare Parts
    Sigmameltec and Yamamoto switches and gauges, Toflo Flow Meters, Canon Optron evaporated coating materials, Nisshinbo Glass-like carbon, ITM Ceramic Fiber...

  • Sigmameltec and Yamamoto switches and gauges are sensitive enough to detect temperature change, sudden drop of pressure and insufficient air flow in order to stop operation before disaster occurs.  

    Toflo Flow Meters are fitted with electrical contacts to automate flow control. They are also equipped with alarm signals to notify engineer in case of emergency.  Fluids can safely and accurately be monitored for proper flow rate to ensure accurate operation.

    Lintec Mass Flow Controllers use high accuracy fluid technology to regulate the flow of liquid and gas sources for the semiconductor industry.  They are also available in a digital series.

    Canon Optron evaporated coating materials are used for Anti-Reflective Films, Conductive Thin Films as well as Hydrophobic, Oleophobic and Scratch Resistant Films.  The materials provide less spitting and scatter during deposition and are known for their thick consistent layers.  There are functional films for anti-static and hydrophilic applications as well. These high quality materials come in a variety of shapes and sizes including granules.

    Nisshinbo Glass-like carbon is a heat and corrosion resistant material  with slight  conductivity.  In addition, Glass-like carbon has gas and liquid impermeability and is chemical resistant.  This high purity material is commonly used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. 

    ITM Ceramic Fiber is widely used in heat processing equipment for semiconductor and electronic parts manufacturing.  The discharge of impurities from refractory insulation materials remains a cause of contamination affecting today’s manufacturing process.  In an effort to satisfy the demand for higher purity, ITM has developed material which keeps the dispersion of impurities such as Iron (Fe) and Sodium (Na) to a minimum. 

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