Exhibitor Press Releases

  • PEER Group®, the largest supplier of innovative factory automation software products is excited to attend SEMICON Europa 2022, happening November 15-18 at Messe München in Munich, Germany.  Co-presented with electronica, the four-day show is billed as the “strongest single event for electronics manufacturing in Europe,” bringing together all facets of the... Learn More

  • For measuring the finest details in surfaces, the TopMap series of optical profiler systems are the preferred solution. From microscopes to macroscopes, Polytec has a product to meet the toughest of applications needs. Since 1967 Polytec has continued to deliver leading edge surface measurement technology. The latest generation optical profilers,... Learn More

  • https://r744.com/japanese-firm-aims-to-convert-european-semiconductor-industry-to-co2-chillers/ Precise temperature control is critically important in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. But so far, the majority of chillers employed in this process have used f-gas refrigerants. This is now changing due to increasingly strict environmental regulations. One Japanese company, ATS (Advanced Thermal Sciences) Japan, is taking advantage by providing the semiconductor industry... Learn More

  • https://unitemp.de/EN/wire-bonder-die-bonder-und-oth/wb-series/wb-300-u/Der äußerst kompakte und platzsparende Drahtbonder ermöglicht Keil-Keil-, Kugelkeil-, Kugelkeil-Kugel (Secure Ball), Bump-Bonden und Stichbonden (Kettenbonding) durch einfachen Werkzeugwechsel in einem Gerät für Drähte bis 50μm. Das Highlight ist ein vertikales Kamerasystem mit Fadenkreuzsteuerung, das eine hochpräzise Steuerung des Klebewerkzeugs ≤ 1μm ermöglicht. Ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal ist, dass Mikroskop und Kamera... Learn More

  • https://unitemp.de/EN/rtprta-ovens/rtp-series-and--vpo/rtp-200/ RTP-200  For 200 mm wafers -  For 20 years now, UniTemp GmbH from Pfaffenhofen near Munich has been selling RTP ovens that impress with their compactness and flexibility.  Now our product line has been extended by the model RTP-200. The occasion was the development of an oven that can create a vacuum of... Learn More

  • Thyracont Vacuum Instruments has been developing and producing intelligent vacuum metrology Made in Germany for more than 50 years. The experience as a specialist for vacuum technology and a wide range of services makes the company the partner of choice for vacuum solutions. Each Thyracont sensor is provided with individual temperature... Learn More

  • The enormous demand for microchips worldwide is driving the expansion of new semiconductor manufacturing facilities and the modernization of existing fabs. This is countered by the challenges of supply bottlenecks and a shortage of skilled workers. How to meet these challenges? At this year's leading industry trade show, Semicon Europa... Learn More

  • The Industry Associations role is to support their members – Large Enterprises, SMEs, Research and Technology Organisations – to find partners, create consortia and gain access to funding opportunities. AENEAS welcomes all potential members interested in joining a KDT or Xecs project consortium, whether active in the area of micro... Learn More

  • Founded in 2008, local company 4JMSolutions will be representing Malta in the wold-renowned semiconductor symposium, SEMICON.  This event follows the company’s most recent milestone, where after a selective process, it was accepted as the first Maltese member of SEMI. With just over 2500 members, SEMI is the global association of electronics... Learn More