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先端デバイス向けに、In-Line高速膜厚測定、非破壊による3次元形状測定装置をご紹介します。今回、新製品の300mmウェーハ用金属汚染分析装置“XHEMIS TX-3000”をラインナップに加えました。当社のX線技術を、先端デバイスから、パワーデバイス、MEMS, RFデバイスなど、幅広い分野へご提供いたします。


  • TXRF-V310
    For 300 & 200 mm Wafer : VPD-integrated Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer “TXRF-V310” ...

  • Automatic backside measurement
    0 mm edge exclusion
    Integration of VPD sample treatment system
  • XRTmicronST
    X-ray topography imaging system “XRTmicronST” ...

  • Fully automated & High-throughput
    Evaluation of crystal structure/imperfection for material development and quality control
  • TXRF 3760
    For 200-50mm Wafer: High-sensitivity Model Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer “TXRF 3760” ...

  • High-sensitivity contamination monitoring tool
    High-power rotating-anode source
    For yield-improvements of Si process and compound semiconductor process
    X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for Thin Film Evaluation “WAFER/DISK ANALYZER 3650” ...

  • Film thickness and composition measurements on wafers and media disks
    Low-COO (Cost of Ownership)
  • XTRAIA MF-3000
    In-line X-ray Metal Film Monitor “XTRAIA MF-3000” ...

  • High precision and high throughput measurement of pattern wafer
    Process XRR, XRF, and XRD metrology tool for patterned wafers; up to 300 mm wafers