Chuo,  Tokyo 
  • Booth: 3815

Our "iCas", combination of our whole tech., is shown here!!

Our "iCas" products, which are made in the combination of our own and unique 
technology, are capable of helping users to control the heat, electricity and 
electromagnetic wave, and contribute to miniaturization, lightweight and high
power (high voltage, large current, high frequency) on your products. 
Tomoegawa has own technologies "paper making, coating, powdering, adhesive" 
and also has long time experience and an abundance of expertise of material 
and processing development. 
Along with that, we offer you to provide "one-stop-solution" in the process of 
material to processing development. 

In this exhibition, we mainly focus on the solution for the heat, which is largely
and strictly required for its measures in the highly precise control of mechanical
function and temperature.
Tomoegawa, as a partner to discover future technology, is going to collaborate
with you in the phase from trial / new development, and offer new findings, ideas
and proposals.


  • Highly precise temp. stabilizer unit
    The unit will further stabilize the temp. of water/air, which is already controlled by chiller or other controllers. It results in minizing temperature fluctuation....

  • The product improves the fluctuation of temp.-controlled air and liquid.
    There are various use cases, and following is typical ones.
    - Improvement up to ±0.02℃ which is temp. controlled water within ±0.05℃ by temp. precise chiller.
    - maintaining better uniformity of temperature behavior within a wafer, which started falling down on the cooling plate equipping with this temp 
      stabilizer unit.

    Please come to our booth if you are interested.

  • High performance heat sink
    Recently, the demand for heat sink is getting higher all of the time. Tomoegawa respond to such demand with our heat sinks with high performance and optimization of the heat sinks, including re-design of the heat sink structure and material....

  • The products realized following characteristic:
    - High heat removal capability (Great cooling performance)
    - Adhesion between heat source and heat sink, improving heat conductivity
       We introduce the improvement example of 20℃ lower than conventional one at our booth.

    Please come to our booth if you are interested.

  • Thermal Conductive Adhesive Sheet without pressure
    This is pressure free thermal conductive adhesive sheet. We introduce two kinds of our products, Low elastic type and high electrical insulation type....

  • The products realized following characteristic:
    - Low elastic type
       Thermal conductivity: 2W/mK
       Excellent surface followability
    - High electric insulation type
       Thermal conductivity: 2W/mK
       Electric insulation: AC65kV/mm (Maintaining the capability after 1000h at 150℃)
  • Flexible planar heater with stainless fiber sheet
    This is the Tomoegawa own technology to respond to the demand of energy saving, ascending day by day...

  • This is our unique product made of stainless steel sheet, which is our own technology,
    and realized following characteristics.
    - High efficiency of thermal conductivity by good adhesion between the heater and object
      This comes from excellent followability on the object surface by high flexibility of the sheet.
    - Thanks to porous structure in the material, the product makes heat in lower energy.

    We exhibit the heater at our booth and please come if you are interested.