MSP, a Division of TSI

Shoreview,  MN 
United States
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MSP, a division of TSI®, greets you at Semicon Japan 2023!

Welcome to MSP, a division of TSI®, at Semicon Japan 2023!

We proudly showcase our pioneering solutions in semiconductor production.

Vaporizers: Precision & Quality

Discover our elite vaporization products for gas-phase processing in CVD and ALD:

  • MSP Turbo™ Vaporizers: Merging advanced droplet vaporization and direct liquid injection, we guarantee precision and uniformity.
  • Excellence in Thin Films: With MSP Turbo™ Vaporizers, achieve peak wafer yields and top-tier thin-film quality.
  • Vapor/Gas Filters: Built for low-pressure and high-temperature settings, these filters boast formidable chemical and thermal resistance.
  • Liquid Flow Controllers: Ideal for PE vaporizers and ALD, ensuring optimal liquid flow.

Surface Defect Inspection & Metrology

MSP sets the standard in particle deposition, with unparalleled equipment, services, and suspensions:

  • 2300G3 Particle Deposition System: The gold standard in wafer inspection and metrology, raising the bar for device yield.
  • Certified Wafer & Reticle Standards: Enhance calibration and system monitoring with our trusted contamination standards.
  • Particle Size Standards: Reliable calibration tools for surface scanning equipment or particle counters.

With MSP, you're assured of top-notch vaporization solutions and cutting-edge technology to cover your comprehensive particle and calibration needs.

Explore our booth and see how our innovations are influencing the development of the industry. Join us in envisioning the future at Semicon Japan 2023.

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