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Solution Partner for Extreme Environment Technology

VYTEK is a Japanese company strategically positioned to become a high-end product and solutions provider for research and development in Japan. Areas of expertise include high and ultrahigh vacuum, low and high temperatures, high-pressure, radiation and clean environments.

Closely tied up with partner companies overseas, Vytek carries its Japanese business activity as distributor of products and provider of specialized science and engineering consulting services. In our product offering we are pleased to introduce extensive vacuum components range, Aluminum vacuum technology, oxide ceramic as well as oxide single crystal parts, components as well as equipment which includes these parts and components.


  • Electrical and Optical Vacuum Connectivity
    Multipin and coaxial, as well as optical fiber feedthroughs, vacuum and clean room use cables and connectors, connecting accessories, other vacuum components are presented....

  • Vacuum electrical conductivity products presented here allow to use the same industrial standard for wiring in both vacuum and air sides of the equipment. Mainly multipin (D-sub, CM etc.), coaxial (BNC, MHV, N, SHV, SMA, SMB etc.) and triaxial feedthroughs, vacuum and clean room use cables and connectors are supplied.

    Industrial standard connection in both vacuum and air can be made in the case of optical fiber connectivity products as well. Mainly SMA, FC-PC optical fiber feedthroughs and vacuum cables are offered together with other optical components and vacuum viewports.

    Thermocouples, other components for temperature control in vacuum, vacuum motors, drives and manipulators, connecting accessories like pins, materials, tools and variety of other vacuum parts and components are also part of our extensive HV and UHV component offer.

    Manufacturer: Allectra GmbH (Germany).

  • High Level and Special Tube Connections
    Flanges, fittings for Aluminium chambers, tube connections including Ultra High Vacuum and clean process use, Pyrex and Quartz components for chambers and reactors, as well as chain clamps for metal seals, overpressure and high temperature are introduced....

  • Special products, which are based on proprietary technologies, are offered for demanding applications in vacuum technology, air conditioning, liquid and gas supplies including cryogenic use, where high leak tightness and easy demountability is required.

    Some products are flanges and fittings for Aluminium chambers and tube connections including Ultra High Vacuum and clean process use. Depending on application, sealing area, where hardness is required, is either covered with Nickel-based mutilayer coating, or composed of Aluminum to Titanium or Stainless Steel bonded part.

    Extensive range of Pyrex glass and Quartz, as well as metal to glass transition components for chambers and reactors is offered. Various polymer and metal seals, as well as various chain clamps for glass components, overpressure and high temperature connections are offered.

    Manufacturers: Atlas Bimetal Labs, Inc. (USA), Biallec GmbH (Germany).

  • Ceramic Tubes, Capillaries, Rods, Crucibles
    Oxide ceramic parts such as up to 1m – 1.5m long oxide ceramic tubes (both ends open or one end closed), 2-hole or 4-hole capillaries, rods, various structural elements, machine components, crucibles and many other parts are presented....

  • Opened and closed tubes, 2- and 4-hole capillaries and rods with length up to 1.5m are used for insulation of thermocouples, heater elements and as construction parts in various furnaces. Typical materials are LUXAL 203 (sintered dense high alumina ceramics 99.7% Al2O3), LUNIT 20 (porous mullite-alumina ceramics 80% Al2O3) and LUNIT 73 (sintered dense alumina ceramics 60% Al2O3).

    Components of pumping equiment – rings for axial sealing of water pumps, ceramics packing saddles, bearing liners of pumps, wearing rings, nozzles for welding in protecting atmosphere, cutting tools and forming plates are made out of AG 202 or C795 (dense high alumina ceramics - 95% Al2O3) material. Sealing surfaces are ground and polished to surface roughness Ra 0.3 - 0.10 µm and flatness to 0.6 µm.

    Crucibles and lids for laboratory and industrial analysis are made in T 02 (porous siliceous ceramics - 80% SiO2) and AG 202 or C795 (dense high alumina ceramics - 95% Al2O3) material versions. The T 02 type with high thermal shock resistance, minimum quantity of carbon and sulphur can be used for application in metallurgy as well as for melting and casting of dentist compositions. The AG 202 type crucibles can be used for temperatures up to 1500°C.

    Manufacturer: ESTCOM CZ oxidová keramika a.s. (Czech Republic).

  • Single Crystalline Sapphire Tubes and Profiles
    SapphitTM single crystalline tubes and profiles provide superior performance for semiconductor clean processes, where high cleanness and high purity are required, as well as for high temperature, high pressure, aggressive chemicals containing environment....

  • SapphitTM single crystalline tubes and profiles grown with proprietary technology provide superior performance for semiconductor clean processes, where high cleanness and high purity are required.

    Key properties of SapphitTM products are as follows.

    * Heat Resistance up to 2050˚C

    Sapphire tubes and profiles retain their shape until melting point and allow operation in extreme conditions such as temperatures up to 2050˚C, high pressures and aggressive chemical environment.

    * Pure Al2O3 99.995%

    Sapphit™ is grown as single crystal in a strictly controlled environment. The sctrictly controlled production process allows us to chieve very high material purity over 99,995% of Al2O3. The implementation of Sapphit into clean processes is without the risk of process contamination.

    * Durability

    With Mohs hardness 9, sapphire is one of the hardest materials. Sapphit™ components are scratch proof and extremely wear resistant.

    * Gas Tightness

    The wall of sapphire profiles is absolutely gas tight which prevents process contamination through material leakage. Sapphit is also very resistant to attacks from aggressive gases.

    Main applications:

    - heater elements, thermocouple insulation and sheaths for both clean and harsh environment

    - capillaries, crucibles and other components for various laboratory instruments

    Manufacturer: CRYTUR s.r.o. (Czech Republic).

  • Single Crystal Scintillation Screens
    Single crystalline scintillation screens in wide range of shapes and sizes for electron beams, low energy X-rays, UV, VUV and XUV radiation are presented....

  • Scintillation single crystals processed to thin flat surface plates serve as excellent imaging screens with high spatial resolution. Extraordinary scintillation characteristics, high optical homogeneity, perfect surface flatness and high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance are the key factors influencing the quality of the resulting radiography or readout. These imaging screens are most suitable for electron beams, proton beams, low energy x-rays, UV light, VUV and XUV radiation.

    Standard scintillation materials used for imaging screens include YAG:Ce, LuAG:Ce and YAP:Ce. Both garnet materials - YAG:Ce and LuAG:Ce - provide excellent properties for imaging with lower energies. The emission spectra of both crystals make them ideal for consecutive photodiode and avalanche photodiode readout. Perovskite material YAP:Ce is suitable for readout in the UV range.

    Precise processing allows to deliver a wide variety of scintillation screens with diameter up to 105mm and thickness down to 20 microns free standing and only 5microns on the supporting substrate. Frames, rings and flanges can be supplied for easier handling.

    Optional surface coatings and customized markings such as grids, crosses or scales can be provided on the surface of the screen.

    Manufacturer: CRYTUR s.r.o. (Czech Republic).