Sempro Technologies

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Sempro Technologies is the expert in trim, form and singulation solutions for the semiconductor and micro-electronics industries. Dedicated solutions for Mems-sensor and optical/advanced leaded packages, as well as advanced Power modules. Our main market segments are Space, Health, Automotive and Energy.

 • R&D services on trim and form and singulation
• Soft tools and designs for R&D projects
• Small series sample production for development purpose
• Trim and form and singulation standard and custom-made automation equipment
• Package design
• Spare parts and services

Trim & form equipment
Sempro's Trim and Form ensures the lowest cost of ownership, the lowest cost of maintenance and replacement of parts. Our systems are modular and used for single -matrix or super high density matrix products. A large number of custom configurations and combinations are possible, including laser de-flashing and product cleaning.

Direct liaison with other parties in the semiconductor or micro-electronics assembly process ensures complete integration of machines. Every aspect of the process is carefully controlled and documented at every step, from design and prototyping through to testing, validation and manufacture.